The voice of the community

Over the years, Ad Hoc Committees were formed to allow community members to share their expertise and have their voices heard on various community issues. Benefits derived from the committees are numerous with sometimes as many as 50 Ad Hoc Committee Members being able to participate actively through extensive research, providing in-depth reflections and discussions, saving time by spreading the Board and District Manager’s workloads among many, and collaborating among a wide range of talent and ideas within their groups. The Ad Hoc Committees share their conclusions and make recommendations to the Board, but then it is up to the Board to evaluate and deliberate on the summary of recommendations in open public meetings.  Please consider joining a committee that matches your expertise.

Ad Hoc Committee on Lands and Easements

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Concluded current session

Ad Hoc Committee on MBCC Facilities

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Ad Hoc Committee on Trails

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Ad Hoc Committee on Fire Station Facilities

Contact Chris Gove and John Rauh