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Note: this document has been compiled from minutes of the MBCSD Board of Directors meetings.
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Leighton Hills, Board Director
Leighton Hills, Board Director(415) 383-7102 leighton.hills@muirbeachcsd(dot)com
Leighton was raised in the Bay Area, received an MBA from Boston University and a BA in Economics from Yale University. He has developed real estate, served as District Manager of the CSD for 12 years during which time he became certified in municipal drinking water treatment, and was elected to the CSD board for 4 years prior to that. He currently manages a number of commercial real estate properties, and manages two wireless ISPs, including Muir Beach LAN. His son is an Electrical Engineering professor at Harvard, and his daughter is a pediatrician, with a practice in Marin County. He has been a resident of Muir Beach for 31 years. He was last elected to the board in 2022. Term expires in 2026.
Paul Jeschke, Board Vice-President
Paul Jeschke, Board Vice-President(415) 942-3745 paul@muirbeachcsd(dot)com
Paul moved to Muir Beach with his wife, Anne, in 2000 when he retired as a reporter for KGO-TV, San Francisco. Moving here was a long-time goal. He first discovered Muir Beach in 1961 while serving in the Army at the Presidio of San Francisco. He and Anne have four adult children and seven grandchildren who are regular visitors to the beach and community. Educated at Harvard where he studied American government, Paul spent his entire career as a newspaper, radio and television journalist covering stories including the assassinations of political and religious figures, California politics and major California disasters such as the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, the 1991 Oakland Hills fire and numerous floods, blizzards, mudslides and societal disasters. He was on the MB Fire Association board, served one previous term as a CSD Director and worked to implement safety upgrades at the Community Center. He was last elected to the CSD Board in 2020. Term expires in 2024.
Christine Murray, Board Director
Christine Murray, Board Director(415) 306-3279 calam4@gmail(dot)com
Muir Beach has been home to Christine’s family since the 1970s. She has a B.A. in Political Science and Legal Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. For eight years, she served the Democratic Party as a Delegate and a voting member of the Democratic Central Committee of Marin. From 2013-2021, she was the Vice Chair of Marin County’s Alcohol and Other Drug Advisory Board to the Marin Board of Supervisors where she advocated for better education, treatment, and rehabilitation services for the community. Since 2016, she has been employed at an Internet and cyber-security company based in San Francisco where she is focused on customer growth and retention strategies. Her husband, Sefton Murray, has been a Muir Beach Volunteer Firefighter since 2017. They are excited to be raising two young sons at Muir Beach. Term expires in 2026
Steve Shaffer, Board Director
Steve Shaffer, Board Director(415) 389-1722 steve.shaffer@muirbeachcsd(dot)com
Steve was last elected to the CSD in 2022. Term expires in 2026.
David Taylor, Board President
David Taylor, Board President(415) 383-2240 david@muirbeachcsd(dot)com
David has lived in Muir Beach since 2005. Born in New York he moved to the Bay Area over twenty years ago to work in the UCSF Department of Psychiatry. David holds a BA in History from Yale and an MD from the University of Rochester. He trained as a psychiatrist at Columbia. In addition to his work on the faculty at UCSF he was the Executive Medical Director for the UC Health System at the UC Office of the President from 2001-2005. He has been in full time private psychiatric practice in Marin since 2005. He raised three children here in Muir Beach. Virgil, an artist, lives in Germany. Mabel, an administrator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, lives in New York. Cosmo, a former member of the MBVFD, is now a student at UCSB. David continues to serve on the Fire Department and raises chickens. He was last elected to the CSD Board in 2020. Term expires in 2024.
Mary Halley, District Manager
Mary Halley, District Manager415-297-1831 mary@muirbeachcsd(dot)com
Mary Halley first moved to Muir Beach in 2011, after buying a house that needed some work in late 2009. She was born in San Francisco, lived in Lake Tahoe, Tiburon, and then on Tomales Bay for most of her life. She received a degree in Business Administration from Sonoma State University. She is a skilled project manager, water manager, and accountant and is serving the CSD in the areas of Water, Recreation, Fire, Roads, Finances, and Communications.
Ernst Karel, Water Management
Ernst Karel, Water Management415-942-2542 water@muirbeachcsd(dot)com
Ernst Karel lives in Muir Beach and is part of our Water System Management Team. Water Operators: Helen Mirra, Ernst Karel, Stephanie & Thiemo Blank
Stephanie Blank, Water System Operator 415-942-2542 water@muirbeachcsd(dot)com
Stephanie Blank lives near Muir Beach and is part of our Water System Management Team. Water Operators: Ernst Karel, Stephanie & Thiemo Blank

Other useful contacts:

Sharry Mullin (Bookkeeping) Chris Gove (Fire Chief) Tel: 415 497 3487 Dennis Rodoni – County Supervisor Tel: 415 473 7331 Aide: Fernando Barreto 
e-mail: Aide: Rhonda Kutter email: Caltrans (Bob Haas – Public Affairs Officer) Tel: 510 286 4444 / 510 286 5576 Department of Public Works Tel: 415 473 6528 NPS (Mia Monroe) Tel: 415 561 4964 Highway Patrol (non emergency) Tel: 707 648 4180

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