Hi, Welcome to the portfolio page of our Coastal Hamlet  Muir Beach.

 Here you will find shots of our Community Center, photos of past events, paintings of our local artists, and (hopefully soon) wildlife sightings records.

Do you have an important photo you wish to share?

Please help us collect the most memorable pictures of our community. Write to districtmanager@muirbeachcsd(dot)com with your photo, and secure it will be seen forever, shared with the community on this website. If you have a wildlife picture for instance of a recent sighting, feel free to write a little text as well and we will post it with the date of the sighting to keep a historical record of our thriving ecosystem. Thank you all!

These are the images were are seeking:

  • Wedding Pictures

  • Best Sunset Pictures

  • Rare Wild Flowers and Plants

  • Photos of Wildlife

  • Photos of Marine Mammals