Welcome to our coastal hamlet: Muir Beach, California

Muir Beach is only six miles from San Francisco and the North end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Yet, it is surrounded by state and federal forests, one of the world’s great stands of Redwood trees, and the Pacific Ocean. Living at Muir Beach is to be in a place that most people only get to visit on vacation. Perched above the Pacific, it is a breath-taking, vibrant community. It also faces significant challenges of climate change, maintenance of fresh water, aging infrastructure, and enhancement of it as an excellent place to live for its more than 305 residents.

District Overview

Muir Beach has a limited number of paid employees and a strong tradition of community volunteerism. It is governed by the Muir Beach Community Services District (“MBCSD” … or “CSD” for short.) The CSD has authority for water quality and distribution, fire protection, roads & infrastructure, and recreation – all of which must meet the needs and interests of residents who range from senior citizens to those with young families.

Establishing Documents

1958 MBCSD Establishing Declaration

2014 MBCSD Bylaws1978 Muir Beach Community Plan;

1970 History of Muir Beach by Sarah Smith; 2007 History of Muir Beach

Community Services

Water quality and distribution
Fire Protection
Roads and Infrastructure