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Water Rate Increase Protest Results!

The Public Hearing for the Proposed Water Rate Increase was held on Wednesday, November 15, 2017.  There were 94 counted, validated, and certified Protests received by staff before the Public Hearing which resulted in a 60% majority of the water customers so the Board did not proceed with a vote.

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CSD Board Election Results!

With a 64.6% voter turnout for Tuesday's CSD Board elections, previous District Manager Leighton Hills led the candidate results with 30.92% of the votes, followed by previous Board Member Steve Shaffer with 28.14% of the votes, and current incumbent Director Peter Lambert returns for another term with 15.14% of the votes.  Congratulations to all the [...]

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Day of the Dead Celebration!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 4TH 6:30PM @ THE MBCC ** MBer Lisa Eigsti says: Hi all, Its time to mark your calendars for the 14th Annual Muir Beach Day of the Dead party!!  It's the usual drill....Pot Luck, BYOB, bring photo's and such for the community altar. The live music will be SOUL SKA, which I know [...]

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Fire Season – Stay Aware and Prepare!

Note from Fire Chief - Chris Gove! With the current fires in the Northern Bay Area counties that started October 9, 2017, all Muir Beach Residents should keep in mind that there are a few ways that you can stay aware and be fire safe. Stay prepared: *Pay attention to the weather forecasts. [...]

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Board Elections!

The CSD Board is holding elections for seats on the Board of Directors this coming November 7, 2017.  There are three seats open and 5 candidates running.  The new terms will be for five years.  The Elderberries and the League of Women Voters will co-host a Candidates Night for the community to have the [...]

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Proposed Water Rate Increase

Why Must the MBCSD Increase Water Rates after 7 Years of No Increase? Every Muir Beach resident deserves and expects that the MBCSD provides clean, safe, and reliable water now and going forward. It goes without saying, that we need it to continue to live in this unique place and to protect the [...]

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Our new DMs!

We are very pleased to announce that the CSD has hired two part-time Co-District Managers (Co-DMs), Mary Halley, who had been serving as interim Co-District manager for the past five months, and Mike Degroot.  The two emerged as the unanimous choice of the board after an exhaustive and thorough six month process conducted by [...]

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