Note from Fire Chief – Chris Gove!

With the current fires in the Northern Bay Area counties that started October 9, 2017, all Muir Beach Residents should keep in mind that there are a few ways that you can stay aware and be fire safe.

Stay prepared:
*Pay attention to the weather forecasts.
*Remove combustible vegetation and materials away from your home.
*Always keep gas in your car and be prepared to move quickly in the event of an unfortunate circumstance.
*Reverse 911 to your home phone.
*If you have a cell phone or VOIP you need to register your # @

In an emergency:
*The Sheriff or the Fire Department will announce via loud speaker to evacuate or shelter in place.
*Community liaison’s will come door to door to let you know of a situation.
*As you know, in a real emergency, there can be limited time to evacuate.

So being prepared is half the battle to staying safe!

Chris Gove
Fire Chief, Muir beach Volunteer Fire Department