Highway 1 – Muir Beach to Stinson now open!

Highway 1 between Muir Beach and Stinson Beach is now open to one-way controlled traffic.  There are six work zones, controlled by either an automated traffic-light, flag person, or combination of both, that are in effect 24/7.  The warning sign states that it can take up to an estimated 1 hour to navigate through all [...]

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Roads Update 04/04/17

"The repairs for Highway 1 above Green Gulch will continue for longer than planned, related to additional construction issues" said Dennis Rodoni, yesterday. CalTrans is now looking at completion in summer. No specific dates in summer have been provided for the re-opening of the Highway. The goal for the re-opening of the north section of [...]

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The threat to our water pipeline

As you may have noticed the storms created quite some damage on the banks next to Pacific Way bridge. The water supply pipeline that crosses the bridge is exposed and threatened. It supplies the homes of Green Lane, Highway 1, and the Pelican Inn. Since this is a county maintained bridge, the CSD has [...]

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