It’s hard to complain when one is stuck between a beautiful ocean and a hoard of tourists visiting our neighboring National Park. Yet traffic on weekends is getting intense for our nerves and for the Muir Woods pristine habitat. So, when will all this end?

May 1st seems to be the new date we should be able to see some more fluidity on our Muir beach Roads. Shoreline Highway through Green Gulch will be reopening May 1st instead of April 1st, due to one additional slide repair close to the other one. The total costs to construct the retaining wall and to replace culverts reaches $7 million.

The better news today is the re-opening of the Northbound Highway 1 between Slide Ranch and Steep Ravine on April 15th, which was previously planned in October. We will therefore be able to drive to Stinson without taking Panoramic Highway from then onward.


Four Corners Intersection on Saturday March 11th, 2017, by Vanessa Workman


Want an update on Highway 1?

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