The Muir Beach Community Services District is required by the Division of Drinking Water of the State Water Resources Control Board (DDW) to prepare and provide Water Quality Report to Muir Beach residents and water users each June for the prior year of tests.  Please see  2017 Water Quality Report which is written for even non-technical readers.

The Muir Beach water system is very stable and continues to deliver high quality and safe water to our small community.  This past year we were able to reduce the chlorine treatment level to 53% of the prior year’s usage as well as reduce the level of silica (soluble sand) added to for corrosion control. The water system had no major maintenance issues this year aside from the large April storm that caused flooding to the pump house but did not interrupt water service to the community.

Over the many years, the Muir Beach water system has continued to incorporate more new technologies and redundancies into the infrastructure to safeguard, detect, and troubleshoot potential problems that can routinely occur to water systems like ours.  Our Water Operator Team of four local people brings much advanced knowledge, interest, and energy to managing the MB Water System and we look towards continuing a positive trend of improvement into the future.