Air Quality in Muir Beach

 We’re all affected by air pollution, a fact made even more palpable by the recent fires in Northern California.

But often harmful particles aren’t visible.

 An organization called AirVisual provides real-time, global air quality readings through a combination of community installed nodes and government stations.

 The closest stations, until recently, were in San Francisco and San Rafael. However, as we’re all familiar with, Muir Beach has its own microclimate, and the differences extend beyond just the fog.

 Often a “clean air” day over the hill doesn’t necessarily translate to one out at the beach, and vice versa.

 If you’d like to be aware of the air quality in our community, we’re happy to announce that we’ve just installed a local community node, so those numbers are now available.

 Here’s the link:

There’s also a free app called the AirVisual Air Quality Forecast if you’d like updates on your phone.