MBVFD Fire Chief Chris Gove would like to invite you all to a free, comprehensive 2-hour class on wildfire preparedness at the Muir Beach Community Center on Monday August 20th at 7pm.  ~ See flyer.

This class covers the specific risks of catastrophic wildfire faced by Marin residents, and steps take to reduce the danger of these fires. Taught by Katherine Randolph, former Mill Valley Emergency Preparedness Commissioner, along with Christie Neill, Marin County Battalion Chief, Vegetation Management Program, this class covers topics such as vegetation selection and management, fire safety, and emergency preparedness.

Over 1300 Marin County residents and fire department staff members have attended this class, and we hope you will join us. Please help your family, your community, and all firefighters by learning about the risks of wildfires, and how to take steps to safeguard your home and neighborhood.