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Read Water Education Day reports.

On February 26, 2017, Muir Beach residents gathered in working groups to discuss their wishes for their water system, economically, ecologically and socially.  This was part of the Ad Hoc Water Committee Water Education Day. Process: Each group was assigned a facilitator and a note taker. Residents called out suggestions, which were captured [...]

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Witness the eggs hatch at the Barn

Sneak into the nest without leaving your couch! If you haven't met Owl-ivia and Barn-aby, the romantically involved couple of Barn Owls nesting in Ocean Rider’s barn, it's time to say hello.   Thanks to a video camera, you can spy on the love birds in their nest directly on-line from your living [...]

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The threat to our water pipeline

As you may have noticed the storms created quite some damage on the banks next to Pacific Way bridge. The water supply pipeline that crosses the bridge is exposed and threatened. It supplies the homes of Green Lane, Highway 1, and the Pelican Inn. Since this is a county maintained bridge, the CSD has [...]

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Best place to live, but will your home have water supply in 20 years?

That's what 70 residents from both older and newer community members gathered to find out on Water Education Day, February 26th, 2017. This was the very first of a series of events organized by the Ad Hoc Committee on Water spearhead by Lynda Grose. Homes in Muir Beach Gallons of Water Billings [...]

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Your New Interim District Managers

Dear Muir Beach Neighbors, I bet you are hoping I am about to announce something about the Highway #1 closure, but no such luck (though we are trying to get the ball moving faster). On behalf of the entire Muir Beach CSD Board, I want to update you about staffing issues in [...]

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