On February 26, 2017, Muir Beach residents gathered in working groups to discuss their wishes for their water system, economically, ecologically and socially.  This was part of the Ad Hoc Water Committee Water Education Day.

Process: Each group was assigned a facilitator and a note taker. Residents called out suggestions, which were captured on large format paper taped to a vertical surface, so all participants in the group could see and digest all the ideas of the group. At the end of the session, each resident was provided three dot-stickers to use to indicate their first three priorities on the group list. The ideas were then re-formatted in order of which received the most dots from the group as a whole.


The Muir Beach 101 Water Planning and Action Event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of:

Janice Kubota
Frank + Barbara Schoenfeld
Danny Hobson Ruah
Steve Schaffer
Ken High
Robin Terra
Kathy + John-John Sward
Greg Ketchum
Debbie Hurt
Suzanne Miller
Sohpie Conti
Linda Lotriet
Brenda Cohn
Debra Macdonald
Tim Crosby
Outi Ornorato
Joani Marinof
Nina Vincent
Jim White
Steve Utstein
Peter Lambert
Ann and Paul Jeschke
Tessa Peres
Maude Utstein
Ted Eliot