Dennis Rodoni, the very new Marin County Supervisor in charge of district 4, will give us the honor of attending the CSD meeting May 3rd, 2017.

Steve Kinsey was the supervisor representing Muir Beach to the Marin County Board for twenty (20) years, the longest serving member. With twenty years of history gone, this is an important time to educate and learn from a newly elected official who plays a strategically important role for Muir Beach. His visit to Muir Beach Wednesday May 3rd is one we cannot miss!

A strong and life-long Democrat, Rodoni won against Republican Grossi in August 2016. “One of the biggest issues in the race was whether Rodoni was supportive of West Marin agriculture. Rodoni insisted he was; but Grossi sowed doubts,” reported the Richard Halstead in the Marin Independent Journal.  “Rodoni was endorsed by the Sierra Club and the Green Party of Marin. And Rodoni received the endorsement of several local labor unions including the Marin Association of Public Employees, which represents a majority of the county’s employees.”

Get your questions answered!

How can Dennis Rodoni support the community of Muir Beach? Make sure you get your questions answered by Dennis Rodoni on Wednesday May 3rd! Save the date and send us any of your questions by Monday at noon, to vanessa@muirbeachcsd(dot)com. The CSD will pass along your inquiries prior to the meeting.

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We look forward to seeing you!